KSK Land Takes On Ocean Plastic In Sustainability Journey

KSK Land Takes On Ocean Plastic In Sustainability Journey

What makes 8 Conlay a valuable investment goes beyond its obvious offerings of quality, service and brand. What is often understated – yet incredibly important – is the sustainability values upheld by the project’s developer, KSK Land.

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Within 8 Conlay itself, YOO8 Serviced by Kempinski has GreenRE certification, while 8 Conlay Kempinski Hotel & Residences is LEED-certified.

But KSK believes that practicing sustainable living also comes down to day-to-day actions, such as waste segregation and recycling, energy conservation and minimal use of single-use plastic within the company.

And recently, KSK organised its first ocean plastic beach clean up for staff and partners at Pantai Morib, Selangor. In total, a whopping 651 kilograms of waste were collected, out of which 317 kilograms were plastic, all within a mere radius of 500 to 600 metres in just one hour’s time.

plastic bottle wastes collected by KSK Land in Morib Beach Selangor Over 317 kilograms of plastic wastes were collected at KSK Land’s first beach clean up (Photo: Desmond Liew)


The collection was organised in partnership with Heng Hiap Industries (HHI), a leading plastic recycling company in Malaysia that transforms ocean bound plastic waste into manufacturable materials and products.

Incidentally, they are the first company in the world to receive the Ocean Bound Plastic OBP certification co-developed by NGO Zero Plastic Oceans along with certification body Control Union.


According to HHI, the total collection was a record-breaking one for the year to date, while certified Green Project Manager (GPM-b) and co-founder of Impact Revolution Enterprise Faisal Abdul Rani – who was also at the clean-up – shared that most of the wastes were not foreign, but rather, they come from the river, the sea and are brought by visitors to the beach.

The plastics collected have been sent to HHI’s processing facility so it can be converted into their customisable Smart Plastics material as a second-life solution and raw material for industrial manufacturing.

KSK Land beach clean up in Morib Selangor for recycling KSK staff collecting waste at Pantai Kelanang in Banting, Selangor (Photo: Cindy Chia)


Still, the astounding amount of wastes makes one dread how much could have ended up in the ocean, or for the matter, how much of it came from our seas, and the impact they have on wildlife, the environment, and ultimately, our daily living.

The good news is that this is just the beginning for KSK’s commitment towards championing a plastic neutral lifestyle. “This is KSK Land’s journey in supporting sustainability as well as the circular economy cause. We hope that this is the first of many initiatives that we would have along the way as well,” says Krystine Kua, director of strategy at KSK Group and co-founder and head of KSK City Labs.

As Faisal reminded the volunteers on the day, we can all play a part in learning how to refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle.

Keep up to date with KSK Land’s sustainable journey here. To visit the 8 Conlay Gallery, contact us here.

(Main image credit: Cindy Chia)