KSK City Labs wins two awards at the Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards 2022

KSK City Labs wins two awards at the Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards 2022

KSK City Labs, the tech and data arm of KSK Land, took home two awards at the recent Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards 2022.

Only established in February last year, City Labs were recognised in the Real Estate: Artificial Intelligence (AI) category for its AI-driven dynamic pricing engine, as well as in the Property Technology category for 8 Conlay’s resident service app.

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The awards are a timely indication of digital transformation in an industry that had been previously slow to adapt, expedited by the Covid-19 Pandemic. The message is clear: Proptech is set to be a decisive influencing factor going forward.

The KSK City Labs team at the Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards 2022. (Photo: Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards)


As a property developer, KSK Land is a proponent of data analytics, AI and Industry 4.0 technology in the construction process. The creation of our award-winning AI-driven dynamic pricing engine enables intelligent pricing of units, helping homeowners have fair and accurate prices for their homes while developers can optimise the financial health of their projects.

On another note, KSK is also the first in Malaysia to incorporate Delve by Google, a generative design software that helps developers design more efficiently and with less risk.

A digitally-integrated lifestyle

The digital revolution has also transformed our daily living experience and habits. But as far as residential developments go, the current burden of achieving a digitally-interconnected lifestyle still lies predominantly on the homeowner.

To date, property resident service apps in Malaysia mostly focus on property management and access control, often adapted from existing third-party apps. Any addition of smart home functions is often an optional add-on or a bonus rather than the norm.

The app comes with a remote lift-calling function and lighting control system in partnership with Lutron


Changing the game with proptech

What makes the 8 Conlay resident service app different then? Here are 4 major ways we’ve set ourselves apart from our competitors.

  1. Simply better design

With its clean and sophisticated interface, the app focuses on delivering a fuss-free, easy-to-navigate user experience while looking good.

  1. Redefining home living 

One differentiating factor for the app is its mobile access management offering. KSK has partnered with KONE to introduce a lift-calling function via the mobile app. Already in place, this is but the first among other mobile access functions we’re working on in the pipelines.

  1. Smart home control with Lutron 

We’re also the first in Malaysia to partner with Lutron, the leading US-based lighting control systems company, to make smart home controls a reality in every YOO8 Serviced by Kempinski unit.

  1. Community Focus 

YOO8 residents can also expect to be part of a cosy community, with regular relevant news, luxury lifestyle services and events to look out for. Plans are also in the pipeline for a marketplace section, which will offer broader homecare services and even products for full convenience.

More new and exciting features will be introduced down the line, including cardless residential access, a chat function that connects YOO8 residents directly to Kempinski’s Lady-in-Red for access to the hotel’s hallmark services such as butler on call, private chef service, housekeeping, residential provisioning, tailoring and more.

The 8 Conlay app can be downloaded from Apple Store and Google App. To visit the 8 Conlay Gallery, contact us here.