YOO8 Branded Residences: Designed for Luxurious Living

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Over the last 10 years, there has been a huge increase in branded residences all over the world. Savills World Research showed that the rate of increase was up to 198%, which is a massive jump.

One of the biggest movers in the branded residence scene is YOO. The YOO brand cut their teeth as an upscale design firm and turned itself into the largest developer of branded residences in the world. 

YOO’s unique value proposition in this segment is in its collaboration with world-renowned designers from various practices; they have also partnered with established investors and developers in strategic projects, including 8 Conlay by Malaysian property developer KSK Land.

This combination of designers, investors and developers became YOO’s winning formula in 2019, when they made up 13% of the world’s branded residential projects. To date, YOO has completed up to 84 projects in 57 countries. They also target to finish up to 100 projects in the next four years. This speaks volumes to YOOs brand and credibility.

Recently, YOO began focusing on the up-and-coming Southeast Asia region, as they see an increase in demand for branded residences. They started by establishing a regional office in Bangkok, with many projects planned throughout the region.

YOO History

Back in the late 90s, YOO was founded by John Hitchcox and the ever-famous Phillipe Starck. Since the inception of YOO, they have worked with many international developers. While John was already an established property entrepreneur, Phillipe Starck oversaw all the design developments. Since the beginning, their success has been due their extreme emphasis on quality control over every aspect of their projects.

Phillippe Starck and John Hitchcox.
Paris, 08/2012.


It wasn’t long before YOO started to grow by partnering with various renowned designers to helm their collaborative projects. These designers lent their credibility to YOO. Some of the famous designers that have collaborated with YOO include Jade Jagger (daughter of Mick Jagger), Susanne Khan (wife of Hrithik Khan) and even supermodel Kate Moss.

Are “YOO” in Kuala Lumpur?

A resounding YES. YOO’s maiden project in Kuala Lumpur will be branded as YOO8 and it will be part of an integrated project called 8 Conlay, the maiden project by Malaysian developer KSK Land

The 8 Conlay project comprises two twisted twin residential towers and one hotel tower, which will be constructed atop 3.95 acres of freehold land that is situated in the heart of KLCC.

According to KSK Land, the YOO8 project has experienced good take-up rates, since its launch in 2015. As of mid-2020, 75% of Tower A has already been sold, while 30% of Tower B (which launched in 2018) has been sold.

The highlight of the branded residences at 8 Conlay, officially called YOO8 serviced by Kempinski, is its exclusive design concepts created in partnership with YOO and two of its partner designers, Steve Leung and Kelly Hoppen. The extra bonus of living at YOO8 is the in-house services which will be provided by Kempinski Hotels, Europe’s oldest hotel brand.

In total, YOO8 includes two towers of branded residences, comprising 1,062 residences that range from one- to three-bedroom suites. Individually, Tower A will have 564 units across 61 floors, whilst Tower B will consist of 498 units and have 56 floors. The two towers will also be linked by two sky bridges turned oases above the city, which will feature five-star facilities 

The crowning glory of YOO8, however, is that many of their units will have unobstructed views of KLCC, which has made YOO8 an extremely sought-after address in the city. And with a target market that falls under the branded residences niche, it is in a category of property which is on a level even higher than luxury residences.

The Twisted Twin Residential Towers of YOO8

Set to become the world’s tallest twisted twin residential towers, the landmark 8 Conlay was designed by Hud Bakar (principal architect of RSP Architects) to curve upwards together, like a figure of 8 ( 八 ), which is an extremely auspicious number in Chinese culture. 

The twist effect is very intentional and apparent. As Tower B curves upwards, Tower A curves downwards, making them look as if the buildings are “hugging” each other – as though they were alive. The twisting towers also represent the Yin and Yang notion of balance. 

These architectural ideals make YOO8 very unique in design, which in turn makes it attractive to investors who are after properties that stand out from the rest. Both in brand and in design. 

Even though the building structure pushes the norm of architectural design, the principal engineer for this project (Web Structures Pte Ltd) has assured the public that these curved buildings are structurally sound and very safe – if not safer than conventional straight buildings.

The Art of Living in Design at YOO8 

Inside the branded residence, YOO’s ‘au courant’ designs exudes a quiet charm.

The residences inside YOO8 Tower A have been designed by Hong Kong interior designer Steve Leong. It showcases interesting Asian finishes and it comes in two design concepts – Water and Wood.


In the other tower, YOO8 Tower B’s residences were designed by British interior designer Kelly Hoppen. With her own interpretation of East-meets-West, she curated two concepts: The first, Urban, fuses minimalist chic with neutral and nude colours; the second, Spring, weaves colours of earth and weathered surfaces with comfortable, unbleached fabrics.


Created as an extension of the thematic and luxurious aesthetics of the residences in Towers A and B, the public spaces at YOO8 were designed with sophistication (and relaxation) in mind. The task of designing these spaces went to the Bangkok-based award-winning landscape architecture design studio called T.R.O.P., with interior design by YOO Studio.

On the lower of the two sky bridges, at Level 26, the Water Lounge features a landscape of rippling pools inspired by the Malaysian rainforest. There’s also a 25-metre lap pool and pod-shaped cabanas that overlook the heart of KLCC and the Petronas Twin Towers.

Several floors above, the Green Refuge on Level 44 was inspired by the Balinese rice terrace and features an elevated jogging path for those that enjoy some exercise at the height of the city. It also has private quiet nooks for those who need some privacy from the hustle and bustle of the city. This is vertical living reimagined.

The sky bridges connecting the two towers of YOO8 also feature five-star facilities, including a multipurpose room and a library room, where the focus is on plenty of natural lighting. There is also a chillout room and a cosy-chic lounge, where residents can relax and take a break from all the noise of the city.

Lastly, the facilities floors at YOO8 include a games room and a gymnasium that is equipped with table tennis and state-of-the-art equipment – two spaces were designed specifically with play time in mind, depending on how you want to define the word ‘play.’ 

Flawless Hospitality

Propelling the attractiveness of YOO8 even further in the Southeast Asian market will be the property’s unique partnership with Kempinski Hotels, Europe’s oldest luxury hotel group. As Kempinski’s first foray into Malaysia, the branded residences of YOO8 serviced by Kempinski will allow residents to experience the hotel’s signature five-star service and hospitality, which will be further enveloped in the adjoining five-star Kempinski Hotel Kuala Lumpur.


All YOO8 residents will basic services provided by Kempinski Hotel, including:

1. Valet Service
2. 24 hour Security System
3. Concierge Service
4. Doorman Service
5. Shuttle Bus Service

Additionally, all YOO8 residents have access to Kempinski’s a la carte services, including:

1. Laundry
2. Housekeeping
3. In-house Dining and Spa
4. Butler on call
5. Private Chef Services
6. Tailor on Call
7. Personal Trainer / Masseuse on call
8. Nanny Services / Day Care Services
9. Emergency Maintenance Service (in the residences)10. Residential Moving Assistance
11. Residence Provisioning
12. Local and International Postage and Shipping Services
13. Car Rental and Taxi Services
14. Car Care Services

But YOO8 and Kempinski’s commitment to service doesn’t start and end there. Whenever a YOO8 unit is purchased, buyers will receive Platinum membership to Kempinski Discovery, the hotel’s loyalty programme that offers access to exclusive benefits at all Kempinski hotels worldwide.

These benefits include:

1. Exclusive member-only offers
2. Complimentary Internet access
3. Morning beverage and pastry service with your wake up call
4. Preferred rates when booking with the Kempinski
5. Guaranteed room availability even up to 48 hours prior to arrival
6. Upgrade services to the next room category during the time of check-in
7. Late checkout up to 3pm



As the property market in KLCC continues to heat up, being able to stand out from the rest is important to investors and buyers alike. The branded serviced residences at 8 Conlay, called YOO8 serviced by Kempinski, certainly hits all the right notes to make it a property worth investing in.

With the right location, a reputable developer, luxurious design by YOO, and impeccable services by Kempinski Hotels, as far as bets go, this is as hedged as it can be. If all of this sounds good to you, learn more about YOO8 by contacting the 8 Conlay team here.