8 Conlay Completes Structure Of YOO8 Serviced By Kempinski In Bold Style

8 Conlay Completes Structure Of YOO8 Serviced By Kempinski In Bold Style

In another milestone for 8 Conlay, KSK Land announces the structural completion of its second residential tower, Tower B of the twin branded residence YOO8 serviced by Kempinski (YOO8).

To commemorate the topping out of YOO8’s Tower B, a unique photo series was undertaken, featuring a panoramic view of Kuala Lumpur City Centre’s iconic landmarks captured from two actual units on one of the top floors of the tower.

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Titled Height of Anticipation, the photos celebrate the present moment, both the steady progress of 8 Conlay as well as more symbolically, the city of Kuala Lumpur – a city in a constant state of flux, as any emerging metropolis would be.

Million Dollar View of 8 Conlay Tower B She kicks off her shoes and makes herself at home, in her element amidst the skyline that stretches into the horizon. Overlooking the contours and textures of the city, she knows where she has come from and is ready to take on a bright new future. 


Expressing her excitement at this new milestone, Joanne Kua, CEO of KSK Group and managing director of KSK Land said: “Following the structural completion of YOO8 Tower A late last year, we’re extremely happy that 8 Conlay continues to progress steadily and we have now topped out and completed the structure of YOO8 Tower B. We wanted to celebrate the structural completion differently by stirring the imagination and to present a glimpse of Kuala Lumpur as you have not seen it.”

Imagine Kuala Lumpur from New Heights

From the height of over 800 feet above ground, we see the dynamic outline of a city with deep and diversely intertwined roots. Drawing a personified parallel to the soul of the city, the photos show ‘She’ luxuriating in the moment, savouring what is taking shape and looking forward to what is to come.

In the same way, no detail is spared in the making of 8 Conlay’s twin branded residence, YOO8, a most anticipated development in the heart of the city. In setting the benchmark for premium city living, the viewer is invited to experience Kuala Lumpur’s potential anew, and to imagine their encounters with the city in a new light.

Highlighted in the photo series is a signature furniture piece for Tower B’s Spring concept design, the origami bathtub designed by award-winning British interior designer Kelly Hoppen for Australian luxury bathware brand apaiser.

“Our owners appreciate the finer things in life, and we wanted to iterate that by featuring this showpiece amidst a stunning million-dollar view,” shares Kua. Set against the backdrop of Kuala Lumpur, the Japanese traditional art-inspired design, with its contemporary and yet timeless flair, also evokes a conversation about building from the rich history of the past to create new heights.

Kelly Hoppen Origami Bath 8 Conlay Her hand grazing the sculpted folds of the origami bath, she explores the timeless imprints of a delicate art iterated over a thousand years. She soaks in the city’s vibrant outlines, stilled at 800 feet above the ground and satiated in the moment. Deeper roots always inspire greater heights, she muses, poised for what is to come. 


Rise in demand for branded residences

Towering over the cityscape with 56 luxurious residential floors, YOO8’s Tower B – along with the 61 floors of Tower A – form part of 8 Conlay’s commercial and freehold mixed development with a gross development value of RM5.4 billion (USD1.22b).
Marked by its ‘East-meets-West’ style with Kelly Hoppen’s hallmark clean, modern aesthetics, YOO8 sets itself apart with an array of exceptional in-houses services provided by the 8 Conlay Kempinski Hotel, including concierge service by Kempinski’s hospitality ambassador Lady-in-Red, valet, housekeeping, private chef, tailoring, butler-on-call and more.

Such an offering is apt for a real estate market that is increasingly discerning. According to Knight Frank’s The Wealth Report 2022, luxury properties such as branded residences have become “the asset class of choice over the past 12 months” for a growing global cohort of ultra-high-net-worth individuals.

Similarly in Malaysia, there’s been an uptick of interest in ultra-luxury properties such as YOO8. Kua observes, “We’ve recorded a 10% growth in local buyers these past few years, shifting the ratio from 30% to now 40%. This demand for branded residences in Asia has remained resilient and we foresee that it will continue to gain traction as the world reopens its doors to international travel.”

“YOO8’s central location, with its hyperlocal connectivity to the city’s commercial and tourism landmarks, along with the integrated lifestyle services and amenities provided by an established hotel like Kempinski, will ensure a steady capital appreciation,” adds the CEO.

Tower A of YOO8 is set to be ready for handover by early 2023 and Tower B by end-2023. To visit our 8 Conlay Gallery, contact us here.