5 Undeniable Reasons Why You’d Want To Live In A City like Kuala Lumpur

5 Undeniable Reasons Why You’d Want To Live In A City like Kuala Lumpur

City living often gets a bad reputation – being busy, fast-paced and hectic. But the benefits of living in the city today outweigh its disadvantages where, driven by technology and desire for better quality of life, there is a constant evolving of urban lifestyles.

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So, what makes living in the city worthwhile? Here are 5 reasons that make life in the city appealing.

kl monorail city transportation connectivity Train connectivity will be the game-change in getting people to use public transport within the city (Photo: Alex Cheong)


1. Accessibility

The strength of a city lies in its accessibility to people, information, goods and services. And top of the list for access is transportation. Imagine walking out your front door, and be at the heart of the main shopping district, or hop onto a train a short walk away and get anywhere you need without hassle.

While still some ways to go in development, the current MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) that serves the Klang Valley, and its interlinked connectivity to the LRT (Light-Rail Transit) and Kuala Lumpur city-centre Monorail has boosted use of public transportation, at least within the heart of KL. Among new stations to open up soon is the Conlay MRT station, which will be within 400-metres of KSK Land’s 8 Conlay, a mixed-development project that includes twin residence towers, the first Kempinski hotel in Malaysia, and a retail podium. It is a step in the right direction in line with the 12th Malaysia Plan, and the aim to strongly increase public transport usage by 2030.

Employment in Malaysia KL City Talents skilled professionals Better job opportunities in urban cities attracts more talents and skilled professionals, contributing to a city’s economic growth (Photo: Goc)


2. Better opportunity & ease of business

Urban migration has been at a consistent uptrend as young people continually look towards the city for better opportunities – be it education, jobs, or even entrepreneurship connections. Low unemployment rates is a sign of a good city which, coupled with a healthy and diverse ecosystem of human capital, helps businesses and entrepreneurship flourish. A good result of that is an increase in a country’s economic growth and GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

Another highlight of city living is its proximity to important facilities and services such as banks, healthcare, and other key administrative functions.  According to World Bank, Malaysia ranks 12th globally among 190 countries rated in the ease of doing business, including notable international regulatory good practices in several areas – making it attractive for foreign investment and the Malaysia My Second Home programme, etc.

Proptech KL innovation hub technology Innovation such as KSK Land’s owner service app is made possible through the tech start-up team at KSK City Labs


3. An innovative spirit

When there is a concentration of talents and skills, it gives rise to innovation. According to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T) researchers, when the population grows in a city with decent urban planning, not only does economic productivity more than double, but also innovation thanks to the resulting “social-tie density” and social networks that increases everyday interaction.

Among cities that topped rankings in the Innovation Cities Index, a core element that drives the likes of New York, Tokyo, and Singapore, besides enterprising start-ups and new ideas, is the framework and usually technological infrastructure that facilitates such possibilities. The famous example of such a city is, of course, Silicon Valley, though there’s been a catching up from other “tech lifestyle cities” such as Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Austin, Berlin and more.

In Malaysia, KPMG named KL as among the top 10 in Asian Pacific cities that are leading technology innovation hubs as of 2021. Interestingly, the main factor listed that enables a city to become a technology innovation center is an urban locale that attracts young professionals.

Sheila Majid Performance Live Entertainment Music Scene KL Malaysia’s Queen of Pop Jazz Sheila Majid performing at Bangunan KSK this year


4. Vibrant food, entertainment and culture scene

And what can be more attractive about a great city than how fun it is – found in the convergence of the best, latest and most diverse of food, retail and entertainment offerings. From the exciting energy that a horizon lined with towering skyscrapers brings, to the alleys and hidden corners in a city that add charming character in a city such as KL, there is something for everyone on every occasion, as they say.

In January, dining publisher Eater named KL as one of the best food cities of 2022, being the only Southeast Asian city that made the list among 12 others selected. Besides our “overwhelmingly diverse culinary scene” with hawkers, food trucks, open-air restaurants, as well as trendy cafés, bars and fine dining establishments co-existing side-by-side, there is a passion for dining out and gatherings over food among KL-ites that is hard to top elsewhere.

Boosted by a line-up of world top 40, award-winning bartenders, there’s also an increasingly sophisticated social bar scene coupled with a small but established live music scene ranging from jazz to pop and electronic. Then there is a proudly grassroot arts and culture scene, from contemporary arts collectives to modern theatre, private museums, and not forgetting our rich traditional arts offerings.

KL eco forest park green escape green lung KL Eco Forest Park (Photo: Nothingfamiliar.com)


5. Green escapes

What makes city living especially interesting is dynamic, ever-changing experience one gets at different times of the day, or different days of the week. Anyone who has been in KL during the working week and on the weekends, or just during the day and after dark will be able to attest to its contrasts. But a hallmark of every great city regardless is the room for its people to breathe and space to enjoy its surroundings, fostering balance and wellbeing.

Arguably what is KL’s best kept secret is its green pockets within the city centre itself. While the threat of commercial development looms as with any metropolitan city, it is a rarity to be able to find yourself in a tropical rainforest trail that is Malaysia’s oldest forest reserve, just a short distance away from the KL Tower and Petronas Twin Towers.  Another green lung is the 66-acre Taman Tugu Forest Trail, along with the popular Titiwangsa Lake Park and the famed KLCC park with an almost 360-degrees view of the city.

8 Conlay in Kuala Lumpur features twin branded residence YOO8 serviced by Kempinski, which will house a tropical rainforest-inspired green refuge and a stunning water lounge. To find out more or visit the 8 Conlay Gallery, contact us here.